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Food & Beverage: An Industry Review 2023

This report focuses on:

  1. The impact of the economic context
  2. Innovation opportunities & challenges
  3. Labour market challenges
  4. Health & safety
  5. ESG

Read the full report to understand the challenges currently facing Food & Beverage Manufacturers. 

Food & Beverage Report 2023

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Popping the genie out of the bottle: How unleashing data can improve your maintenance strategy

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How data insight helped a food manufacturer hit the road to net zero

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How RS Industria is helping a food producer achieve sweet success

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Revolutionising Time, Cost Savings for Food Manufacturers

Within just four weeks of using RS Industria, Kerry reduced energy consumption at a UK site by 14%.

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Case Study: Reducing Energy Usage Through Insight at Kerry

Like most manufacturers, Kerry is keen to reduce its energy consumption.

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Case Study: Early Warning Saves High Speed Filling Line at Refresco

Discover how RS Industria’s manufacturing improvement service helped Refresco’s Pontefract plant to predict and prevent...

How can RS Industria customers take advantage of the services offered by Henkan?

Within our ‘Measure, Optimise, Transform’ process, Henkan are positioned within ‘Transform’. They provide a natural complement to RS Industria’s data-driven decision tools. For the customer, there is a natural progression towards their services once they have started using the RS Industria system, and this can be summarised as:

RS Industria

  • Brings you data-led insight
  • Highlights downtime/performance/management issues
  • Acts as a catalyst for change  - management/business processes
  • Helps you quantify the potential benefits of any process or operational changes


  • Offers enduring transformational change – via leadership & the creation of ongoing management processes
  • Provides a tailored solution for unlocking efficiencies and ensuring operational excellence

"We have confidence in RS Industria, and we are really happy with the insight it's given us to date . The project has been professionally handled, from set up through to install, and beyond, which has been fantastic. We are very pleased so far and  we are seeing the value already.””

Micheal Unsworth, Director of Brewing, Shephard Neame