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- Case Study -

Call time on Downtime. 

How data distilled by RS Industria helps
improve asset reliability for a leading


The Benefits


Visibility of Asset Performance

Enabled detection of abnormal vibration and an
oil leak in key components.


Early Warning Alerts Prevented Failure of Line

Flagged issues before they became line stoppers,
enabling engineers to investigate before further
damage was caused.


Data Insight Enabled Planned Response

Forewarning of potential issues allowed engineers to better prepare and plan their
maintenance schedules, saving time and money.


User-Friendly System

Straightforward and easy to use, with support from RS Industria solutions engineers.


Saved in Avoided Downtime

Shepherd Neame Logo

The Problem

At the heart of its brewery operations is Shepherd Neame’s bottling line. With a capacity of 27,000 bottles per hour, the Sidel filler is critical to production.

As the asset is ageing, Shepherd Neame’s engineers were keen to develop a greater understanding of its performance. By utilising RS Industria, Shepherd Neame could gain valuable insight into the machine and its components and use the resulting data to inform its future maintenance strategy.

Such insight would enable engineers to take the necessary action required to increase the reliability of the asset and prevent potential in-service failures, thereby safeguarding against costly downtime.

Given the long lead times on spare parts and the additional expense of product loss in the event of a complete line stoppage, gaining insight into the performance of the machine and its components was critical to business. If the line were to stop completely, Shepherd Neame would lose £1000 for every hour the asset was halted. With any unplanned downtime likely to last up to five days, the cost to Shepherd Neame – based on 12-hour shifts - would be in the region of £60,000, excluding the cost of new parts, plus any secondary damage and labour.


The Solution

RS Industria monitors machines in real-time, connecting assets to engineers in order to improve reliability and flag small issues before they become big problems.

Working closely with Shepherd Neame, RS Industria engineers installed condition monitoring on the asset’s main drive and vibration sensors on its gearboxes before connecting these to a local hub.

From there, real-time data on the condition of the machine is now fed to the cloud, where it is further analysed to spot indicators of failure. Any deterioration in performance is flagged, with engineers alerted to anomalies via text and email.

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The Outcome

Within hours of RS Industria being used to monitor the bottling machine, the resulting insight flagged an immediate need for action on two critical components.

Data revealed that the Crowner Gearbox was showing high-frequency vibration, which indicates a lubrication issue. Following further investigation, the customer’s engineering team discovered an oil leak and changed the faulty seal – at a significantly lower cost than the £4000 price tag of a new gearbox.

RS Industria also picked up high vibration on the motor and alerted the customer’s engineers, who immediately investigated. Once aware of the issue, the team could install the necessary component replacement around planned maintenance schedules. Again, awareness of the unseen issue meant unplanned downtime and potential secondary damage within the machine was averted, saving the customer tens of thousands of pounds.

"We have confidence in RS Industria, and we are really happy with the insight it’s given us to date. The project has been professionally handled, from set up through to install and beyond, which has been fantastic. We are very pleased so far and we are seeing the value already”

Michael Unsworth, Director of Brewing

The Lessons 

Gathering insight into the health of assets is key to increasing reliability and enabling predictive maintenance.

Next Steps

The customer is now analysing initial results gleaned from water monitoring, with the data used as a subsequent lever to drive changes in practices and consumption.

RS Industria continues to monitor the bottling line, playing a pivotal role in supporting Shepherd Neame’s operations so it can continue to deliver its award winning premium products.