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Mass Production & Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Mass production is a manufacturing technique used to produce large quantities of identical products, efficiently and cost-effectively. It involves using standardised processes and machinery to produce goods in high volume, typically with minimal manual labour.

To meet high demand, the manufacture of consumer goods often relies on mass production – and to keep these complex systems running smoothly, maintenance of critical assets is key.

RS Industria is an innovative cloud-based service that helps mass production and consumer goods manufacturers to liberate, collect, map and analyse data from all assets, in real time, for improved decision making - unlocking insights to improve uptime and increase efficiency.

CNC Machines

Your CNC machines can add even more value to your production cycle with the aid of RS Industria.

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CNC Machines


Move products efficiently and safely between different stages of the production process, minimising the need for manual handling and increasing productivity.

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By leveraging asset data such as bearing condition, lubrication failure, flow rate and gear wear, RS Industria will alert your maintenance team to early signs of filler machine failure, preventing costly breakdowns.

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With better control of the temperature and humidity levels in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, your products can be stored and transported safely.

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