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Energy-Saving: Practical Steps That Reduce Consumption & Cost

In this webinar we will show you how to :

  • Quickly measure energy across processes, assets and operations
  • Use data to identify hidden energy-saving opportunities
  • Use real-time energy monitoring to test energy saving ideas
  • Use evidence based capex proposals to engage key stakeholders
  • Deliver short-term wins, and build long-term capability

The webinar will also feature a number of real-world case studies, where manufacturers have achieved significant energy cost savings in remarkably short timescales.

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Watch the Energy-Saving Webinar

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How can RS Industria customers take advantage of the services offered by Henkan?

Within our ‘Measure, Optimise, Transform’ process, Henkan are positioned within ‘Transform’. They provide a natural complement to RS Industria’s data-driven decision tools. For the customer, there is a natural progression towards their services once they have started using the RS Industria system, and this can be summarised as:

RS Industria

  • Brings you data-led insight
  • Highlights downtime/performance/management issues
  • Acts as a catalyst for change  - management/business processes
  • Helps you quantify the potential benefits of any process or operational changes


  • Offers enduring transformational change – via leadership & the creation of ongoing management processes
  • Provides a tailored solution for unlocking efficiencies and ensuring operational excellence

"Using RS Industria has allowed us to view our real time energy consumption and drive improvement using very basic initiatives and routines, without any investment outside of the platform itself, purely by having visibility and allowing us to answer the question “is what we are doing making a difference?”

Neil Pratt, Engineering Manager. Laleham Health & Beauty