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Condition Monitoring

Reliability is key in today's manufacturing environment. Businesses need to maximise the uptime of their equipment and ensure that their assets are operating at peak efficiency. That's where RS Industria comes in.

Where is my downtime occurring?

One of the primary benefits of our real-time condition monitoring and alert system is that it can provide valuable insights into why your downtime is occurring.

The losses due to unplanned downtime or sub-optimal performance can be substantial but are often tolerated due to the lack of visibility and understanding of the true consequential costs. A recent survey from the IMechE estimated the average cost of downtime as £5,000/hour. Coupled with an average unplanned downtime rate of 20 hours/week, many manufacturers could be losing up to £100,000 every week through poor reliability.

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Where and when is the next failure?

RS Industria enables real-time condition monitoring and alerts, enabling maintenance teams to respond early to potential problems before they become failures. This information will enable maintenance teams to improve reliability in several ways:

Condition Monitoring Case Study

Histon Preserves, part of the Hain Daniels Group, faced potential downtime due to a lack of insight into its high-speed line. By using RS Industria’s alert system, our customer was able to closely monitor a potential failure of a key asset. 

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Hain Daniel Case Study



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