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Food and Beverage

Stay ahead of the competition with a platform that can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

In order to taste success in the Food & Beverage sector, product quality and safety must be second to none.

From strict quality control measures to testing and adherence to food safety regulations, you rely on your manufacturing process to deliver consistently high-grade products. RS Industria will help you to monitor every piece of the production cycle, guaranteeing the output that will uphold your reputation.

Real-time condition-based monitoring is the key to success

Traditional methods of condition monitoring can frequently fall short in identifying subtle variations in factory assets. Often carried out periodically, they can lead to unplanned downtime, critical failure and product waste. 

Real-time data enables a proactive approach to condition-based monitoring. Subtle variations in asset data can provide leading indicators of issues and help maintenance teams deploy planned maintenance before there is a critical failure. 

Energy Monitoring to help F&B manufacturers become more sustainable 

Assets such as industrial ovens and freezers consume large amounts of energy, and often their consumption is left unchecked. Having  visibility of your energy consumption on an asset-by-asset or line-by-line basis allows you to track consumption and spot trends.

In many cases, energy usage data can reveal opportunities to reduce consumption and make savings in the £1,000's on just a single production asset.

How much could you save?

Hover over the assets below to find out just how much you could be saving.

Mixers & Homogenisers

A potential saving of £20,000 in energy costs and £12,000 in downtime costs.

Here's how
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Potential savings of £40,000 in energy costs, £48,000 in maintenance costs and £6,000 in downtime costs.

Here's how

Freezers &

Potential savings of £10,000 in energy costs and £50,000 in product wastage. 

Here's how


Potential savings of £3,500 in energy costs, £2,000 in downtime costs and £10,000 in maintenance costs.

Here's how
Refresco Employees SQR aspect (from website)


An annual potential saving of £10,000.

Here's how


Every conveyor is different, speak to our consultants for an estimate of how much you could save.

We can help
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The RS Industria Solution in action

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Download our Food & Beverage case studies 

Shepherd Neame

Condition Monitoring

How real-time data allowed Britain's oldest brewer to better plan its future maintenance strategy.



Energy Monitoring

How RS Industria drove down a leading manufacturer's energy consumption by 14%.


Hain Daniels

Vibration Sensors

RS Industria alerts engineers to a potential critical failure through data from vibration sensors.



Wastewater Monitoring

How RS Industria helped Kerry to reduce their wastewater consumption by 100,000 litres a day.


Samworth Brothers

Vibration Monitoring

Measuring vibration on compressors and drive motors, saves a leading manufacturer from blast chiller failure.



Condition Monitoring

How monitoring vibration detects bearing wear that if left untouched would lead to critical failure on a key asset.