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Food & beverage workers
“The RS Industria platform enabled us to connect all our existing meters relatively easily and we were able to add some additional ones and, very quickly, we were able to get a comprehensive view of how we’re using our electricity by hour, by minute, by second, across the site.”
Ben Botwright
Engineering Manager
"It went rather smoothly; we didn’t have any major issues...…the whole process was easy. At the initial meeting with the Industria design team, we talked through the information we’d like to see and where we’d like to see it. They showed us what they could offer, and we went for it."
Karl Hewes
Control Systems Engineer
"RS Industria is manufacturing-focused and speaks the same language as us: reliability, automation, and problem solving…when we first met them, we knew these were some people we could really work with."
Phil Dewson
Brompton’s Head of Maintenance & Facilities
“RS Industria has been an integral tool for reducing our cycle time by over 20% and improving our OEE through improved machine monitoring & reduced downtime. For example, RS Industria has allowed for the live monitoring of torque data for all 6 spindles simultaneously, which I can easily export into Minitab to run optimisation analyses & further refine the machine settings. This has immediately resulted in improved cycle time, improved tool wear, and reduced operating noise, improving our operators' well-being and reducing the overall process cost. These findings have set the groundwork for future innovations & cost-savings such as tooling design, machine sequencing & PLC updates for an established critical asset”
Malcom Millar
Brompton’s Manufacturing Engineer
“I have been using RS Industria to develop tooling speeds/feeds. By exporting peak torques for Spindles 1A/1B, I plugged the data into Minitab to run an optimisation analysis to minimise torque & noise."
Manufacturing Engineer
"Straightforward, everything is self-explanatory, and it has great tools."
Walkers Deli
"RS Industria is a trusted partner. We’ve built a really strong foundation and I know that they’re a team I can depend on as we move forward, develop, and roll out the Industria solution to different environments on site.”
Engineering Manager

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