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Features & Functions

Asset Monitoring Platform

The core of the RS Industria manufacturing improvement service is our asset-monitoring platform. This cloud-based application collects and integrates real-time data from all the assets monitored by the system and through a range of online features, turns measurement into effective management.



Data Studio

A powerful platform that enables all users to conveniently access and analyse data in almost real-time. With a timespan of up to two years, users can easily compare data from various assets. The platform has the capability to calculate averages (mean), find minimum and maximum values, as well as determining standard deviations, and tracking increments.


Access to insightful data is critical to making informed decisions. Our user-configurable dashboards enable you to group key parameters and make meaningful comparisons. Whether you're analysing energy consumption, production line operations, or compliance trends – our platform empowers you with the tools to unlock the full potential of your data.

Rule-based Alerting

Timely and relevant notifications for your business are crucial. Our system allows you to configure rules to trigger alerts when a key variable surpasses a pre-set limit. With our platform, you have the flexibility to choose how you receive these notifications - via email or SMS text message. The distribution list can also be customised to ensure that the right people are informed in real-time with alerts that put you in complete control and stay on top of your operations.

Visualise Consumption Data

Users can visualise the incremental change or delta of a parameter over predefined time intervals such as hours, days, weeks, and months. This feature is particularly useful for meter readings that involve continuously increasing large numbers, enabling users to track and analyse hourly energy usage patterns.

Asset Status Configuration

Allows advanced users to associate specific parameters with assets from a data source. The status is displayed on the asset overview screen as "Running" or "Fault."

Data Source Configuration

Admin users can manage the Edge Gateway, attach new data sources, update software and add an unlimited number of users to the account. Additionally, advanced users can manage assets, locations, and sites, while only support users can perform bulk uploads of assets via CSV and upload floor plan images.

Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway is a powerful and secure solution that seamlessly integrates with various industrial assets and data protocols. With its custom-designed features and easy self-installation, Edge Gateway is an excellent solution for businesses looking to optimise their operations. Our remote support eliminates the need for on-site visits, and our expert configuration team works with you to set up the system quickly, helping to minimise engineers' installation time. Additionally, we offer a complete turn-key design and installation service for those who require a more hands-off approach.

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Cybersecurity is at the heart of our solution. We understand the importance of maintaining stable and secure systems to protect against potential threats. That's why we prioritise security in every aspect of our system design, testing, and ongoing review processes. Our approach includes actively identifying and eliminating potential attack vectors and working with accredited partners to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards for security.



By adopting sustainable practices such as reducing waste and conserving water and energy, you can create a more resilient and responsible food system that benefits both the environment and your customers. RS Industria can help.

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