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Our Process

Clear and well-defined benefits delivered in a short timescale allow you to start simple and grow smart.


Our Solution Engineers provide a simple four-step connect process which is designed to unlock and integrate relevant networks and assets using our Edge Gateways.

  • Connection review is conducted to identify the assets to connect, variables to monitor and if any protocols need to be translated.
  • Hardware requirements are specified, including the number of Edge Gateways, signal conditioning, and security requirements.
  • Installation with the option of digital or onsite tech support and patch management.
  • System connection is configured and tested end-to-end as well as the setup of asset alerts.
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A single point of real-time asset operating data that provides users with a comprehensive monitoring toolkit.

  • Identification of new and existing devices on networks.
  • Enables quick configuration of new data sources.
  • Protects by limiting attack vectors with regular penetration security testing.
  • Provides ongoing upgrades of all onboard software, security updates and connectivity checks.
  • Alerting system includes rule-based alerts.
  • Data Studio offers real-time asset performance profiles, component health and status updates, all accessible via a QR code.
  • Customisable dashboards and visualisations.
  • Integration with other data sets and external systems.
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RS Industria is committed to continuous improvement and offers a range of services to support and inspire this goal. Our Customer Success Team will work with you to:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement through data analysis, asset insight, and expansion possibilities.
  • Plan for improvement, which may include adding new users, dashboards, and parameters.
  • Measure results in real-time, with historical data comparisons.
  • Highlight and act upon visible trends to add ongoing value.

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