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Ongoing Value

Once users have reaped the benefits from their first installation of RS Industria, our solution is designed to offer ongoing value. Being a modular platform, existing data can be easily enriched with new data from the installation of new sensors.



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Live user training sessions are conducted by our Customer Success Team who provide hands-on guidance to our users, enabling them to better understand and utilise the system's capabilities. In addition, the extensive RS Industria online knowledge base provides our customers with access to a wealth of information about the system.

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Ongoing Support

At RS Industria, relationships with our customers extend far beyond the initial implementation of our system. We understand that our customers require ongoing support and guidance to achieve their objectives and continuously improve their operations. To deliver on this commitment, our Customer Success team provides ongoing advice and recommendations to enable our customers to continue to gain value.

Reviewing Your Data

Our ongoing support continues for as long as you remain a customer, with regular business reviews to ensure that RS Industria continues to deliver value, through new insights or expansion to other assets and processes.

Our Engineers

We’re powered by a team of industrial engineers and specialists. As experts in OT / IT integration our engineers understand your assets and together we have saved our customers millions!

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Continual Improvement

Our core data platform is flexible to integration with further assets. Having a modular system means more assets and production lines can be added as and when required, with known predictable costs – which provides for multiple opportunities for continuous improvement.

A Dedicated Manager

A dedicated manager from our Customer Success Team ensures installation is tightly project managed from specification to sign-off as well as an ongoing commitment to rapidly deliver benefits over time.