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Energy Surveys

Quickly identify and resolve wasted energy consumption through our Air Leak, Steam Loss and Lighting surveys.

Energy costs are continuing to rise and research conducted by Context Consulting suggests that 77% of organisations now say energy is their biggest risk. 

In the past 12 months, customers that have used our air leak survey service have identified over £28M of energy savings, equating to c8.4T of carbon.  One of our steam surveys on average results in £7,000 to £20,000 in energy savings.

Energy surveys to suit your business

Compressed Air Systems

A comprehensive audit of your end-to-end compressed air supply covering generation, preparation, distribution and application.

This identifies areas where you can make savings from fixing leaks detected, reducing the pressure in the system and optimising air consumption.

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Pump Efficiency Surveys

A survey covering all your water and central heating pumps.

Designed to detect misapplied, oversized or throttled pumps, to identify potential energy savings achieved by restoring the system to its original efficiency.

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Lighting Surveys

Review your lighting from an energy, efficiency and H&S perspective, ensuring you have the correct lumens for each area of your site, to achieve optimum consumption. 

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Electrical Panel Thermography

Survey to identify overheating circuits and fuses on electrical panels, that are drawing more electricity and are more at risk of fault or failure. 

This helps to ensure that energy efficiency and carbon emissions are kept within an optimal range, and prevents costly downtime, due to failures.

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Hot water, steam & chilled Systems

Survey to identify lagging or installation failures and leaks from failing valves.

RS Engineers employ Advanced Thermographic Technology to identify lagging or insulation failures and any leaks from failing valves.

Systems that can be inspected include steam, hot water, chilled and refrigeration.

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Book an Energy Consultation.

During the consultation, we will:

  • Assess your current monitoring
  • Evaluate where you could be making savings
  • Look at possible solutions

All consultations will be followed up with a technical recommendations document to allow you to start making savings fast.

How can RS Industria customers take advantage of the services offered by Henkan?

Within our ‘Measure, Optimise, Transform’ process, Henkan are positioned within ‘Transform’. They provide a natural complement to RS Industria’s data-driven decision tools. For the customer, there is a natural progression towards their services once they have started using the RS Industria system, and this can be summarised as:

RS Industria

  • Brings you data-led insight
  • Highlights downtime/performance/management issues
  • Acts as a catalyst for change  - management/business processes
  • Helps you quantify the potential benefits of any process or operational changes


  • Offers enduring transformational change – via leadership & the creation of ongoing management processes
  • Provides a tailored solution for unlocking efficiencies and ensuring operational excellence

"Using RS Industria has allowed us to view our real time energy consumption and drive improvement using very basic initiatives and routines, without any investment outside of the platform itself, purely by having visibility and allowing us to answer the question “is what we are doing making a difference?”

Neil Pratt, Engineering Manager. Laleham Health & Beauty