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Lubrication Solutions 

Reduce the risk of failures, increase uptime, and plant reliability.

Best practice lubrication and oil condition monitoring can significantly increase asset life and performance, so it pays to keep on top of these precision maintenance tasks.


Of lubrication failures are caused by water or particulate contamination


Potential savings in downtime costs through pro-active lubrication maintenance


Of energy is used to overcome friction, proper lubrication reduces this

Industrial Lubrication Expertise

Our lubrication services and oil condition monitoring solutions are designed to get the most from your plant, from identifying the right lubricant and applying it at the right point and time, to certified lab analysis to determine wear, chemistry, and contamination.

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Oil Analysis


Oil Condition Monitoring

Our on site lab keeps even ageing assets on the move with analysis of oils, greases, and coolants to ASTM and ISO standards to determine wear, chemistry, and contamination.

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Managed Lubrication Services

We work with you on a tailored lubrication solutions strategy, applying the right lubricant, at the right time and quantity, to keep your assets running smoothly.

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Hygienic Lubrication Management 

Hygienic storage and transport are key to eliminating failures caused by contamination. We help you fit out stores with the right lubrication solutions to reduce risks.

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Lubrication Solution Design

Working with our supply partners, we can audit and help optimise your existing industrial lubrication programme. 


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Lubrication Products

Browse our extensive range of greases, oils and lubricants. We have everything you need in the different sizes and formats. Our offer includes cutting fluids and greases to rust inhibitors and more.

Keep Your Assets Moving

From oil condition monitoring to industrial lubrication management, RS Maintenance Solutions can optimise your lubrication, improve productivity, and drive greater reliability.


The Cost of Poor Lubrication Management

Being proactive with your lubrication programme can reduce the number of emergency repairs on your mechanical assets, alleviating pressure on your maintenance teams. This frees them to focus on important scheduled tasks, not urgent fixes.

Not being proactive, however, can result in negative impacts that spill through the entire company  - see below.

Case study: Agricultural Food Production



RS worked with a global agricultural and food products provider to assess their production. During the audit, it became apparent that the single most critical asset - the shaker - had been making excessive noise for many months. The noise had become widely accepted as the ‘norm’, however failure of the shaker would lead to significant downtime.

Food & beverage workers



The RS engineering team took action during a planned outage to minimise disruption. The team cleaned down the shaker and refilled it with oil. They also replaced the faulty 2D sight-glass with a new 3D equivalent to ensure the same issue did not reoccur in the future.


Had the shaker failed, it could have led to an estimated 60 hours of potential downtime, at a cost of around £300,000, with an additional £110,000 for a replacement. The customer praised the RS engineers, whose actions certainly avoided significant costs and impact on production.


Common Lubrication Errors

There are a number of common errors around lubrication maintenance that can cause your factory to grind to a halt:

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