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Your Onboarding Process

Our platform is simple to setup and understand but has powerful implications.


Our onboarding and implementation process consists of six key steps to ensure a successful transition to our platform. From initial strategy to sign off, our highly experienced and dedicated team of IIoT software application developers will support you every step of the way. This is what we do; all day, every day…

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The strategy phase is a crucial first step in any successful project, and our onboarding approach is no different. Being thorough from the outset allows us to create a solid foundation for the rest of the project and smooth deployment.

We begin by conducting a stakeholder assessment or engagement, depending on your needs, to understand the key contacts involved in the project.

Next, we work to identify the problem statement – the specific challenges or pain points that need to be addressed.

Finally, we conduct a viability assessment to determine the feasibility of the project and ensure that our proposed solution aligns with your goals and constraints.


The pre-implementation phase is another vital step in ensuring a successful project outcome. This phase involves an initial scoping visit to the site, where information is gathered on the site layout, asset review, and a chance to meet key contacts.

A security assessment is also conducted to ensure the protection of sensitive data. A high-level solution design is created based on the information gathered, which is then submitted as a proposal to the client for acceptance.

Designing Your Solution

During the solution design phase, the project team will conduct site inductions and ensure that all necessary documentation, such as COSHH, risk assessments, and method statements (RAMS), are in place. They will then proceed with the detailed design and validation of the solution, utilising workshops and sign-off procedures to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the design. At this stage we also define the reporting parameters to provide insight into the performance of the implemented solution.

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During configuration phase, the solution is integrated along with a testing and validation process to ensure everything is working correctly. Asset implementation and data capture is also carried out during this phase, either digitally or manually. The configuration phase is critical in ensuring that the solution is set up to capture the necessary data successfully.


Deployment is the stage where the project is brought to life. Training is provided to equip end-users with the necessary skills to operate the solution. During this phase, further testing and validation are carried out to guarantee that the solution meets the desired outcome. Data is uploaded to the database, and an acceptance into service meeting is held to officially confirm the handover and approval of the solution.


Sign Off

The final step of the onboarding and implementation process is the sign off stage. During this stage, the handover of the solution is completed with an opportunity to review the final outcome of the project. Once the sign off is completed, our customer success team are on hand to provide on-going support to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing value.