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Freezers & Chillers

Freezers and chillers are essential to protect food quality and safety. Serving a vital role in extending shelf life, they help to reduce waste and increase profits – all while preserving freshness and flavour, as well as ensuring that products are available year-round to meet consumer demand.

RS Industria can help you to guarantee quality by unlocking the hidden information that has been stored in your freezers and chillers – releasing new-found insights to boost operational performance, reliability, and sustainability.

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Potential Savings in Energy Costs


Reduction in Wastage


Freezers and chillers help to slow down or prevent the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and molds, that can spoil food products. If the correct temperatures are not maintained, perishable items like meat, poultry, and dairy will quickly become unfit for consumption - leading to unnecessary waste and even foodborne illnesses.

By providing rich insight into asset performance and condition, RS Industria is the straightforward, quick, and low-cost way to avoid the poor asset performance that can spoil your yield. By making the triggers for preventative maintenance transparent, you’ll have the power to avoid failures, lower maintenance costs, and manage energy use.


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Increase Safety

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Reduce Waste


RS Industria delivers an early warning system for your factory, by monitoring the key components of your freezers and chillers – such as its operating temperatures, cooling efficiency and run-times. In doing so, you’ll have greater insight into the performance and condition of your assets – so you can keep them working at their best.

The asset-monitoring platform from RS Industria is a user-friendly cloud-based tool that gathers and combines real-time data from manufacturing equipment. With the help of our modular plug-and-play IIoT solution, existing manufacturing data from various sources can be collected and combined to provide a single source of insight.

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