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Compressors are important tools in food and beverage production. From compressing air in pneumatic systems (such as conveyor belts) to cooling refrigerants, compressors work by condensing air or refrigerant gases and then releasing them at a higher pressure.

They are highly versatile and, as a result, often used for a range of applications on a production line. With RS Industria, you can unlock the dormant data held in your compressors, allowing you to leverage all-new insights to improve operational performance, reliability and sustainability.

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Compressed air can carry contaminants such as oil, dust, and bacteria, which pose a risk to food safety. This is why maintaining compressors thoroughly is absolutely essential - including regular inspection, cleaning, and lubrication. Failure to perform regular maintenance won’t just result in safety hazards, but reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption, too.

RS Industria is the simple, fast and affordable way to avoid sub-optimal performance, by giving greater insight into asset performance and condition. This enables the proactive maintenance which avoids unexpected failures, reduces maintenance costs and controls energy use.

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RS Industria's asset-monitoring platform is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that collects and integrates real-time data from manufacturing assets to produce a single source of insight.

By capturing key operating data directly from process control systems – such as chiller/freezer temperatures, start/stops and door openings – you can obtain a complete overview of the performance of your compressors. By helping you to monitor leading indicators of failure, RS Industria will keep your maintenance teams informed of the issues that impact efficiency and pose a risk to your food safety.

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