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A beautiful solution.

How RS Industria is helping Laleham Health and Beauty tackle waste in energy and water consumption.

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The Benefits


Clearer Insight into Consumption

Enables greater understanding of usage and
signposts opportunities to reduce waste.


Data Enables Behaviour Change

Real-time insight empowers customers to turn environmental and sustainability targets into action, with immediate results.


Saving Money, Reducing Waste

18% decrease in energy usage within one week, which translates into huge annual cost savings.


Easy and

RS Industria is a quick and simple solution, with no significant capital for the customer required.


Decrease in Energy Consumption


The Problem

Laleham’s Hampshire-based Alton site had no real insight into electricity or water consumption at the plant, making it difficult for the business to determine usage. With no clear metering and only monthly or quarterly bills available, consumption was costly, with the business unable to identify how and where it could make savings on daily usage.

With energy prices soaring, and Net Zero on the horizon, Laleham wanted to find a solution that could shed light on usage, help achieve savings and identify variations in consumption while improving power factor to generate efficiencies.

Laleham Engineer

The Solution

RS Industria is an innovative cloud-based service that helps manufacturers access and utilise data to achieve sustainability ambitions and operational excellence. With a greater understanding of consumption, customers can turn insight into immediate results, driving down waste and environmental impact while saving money.

Working in partnership with engineering peers at Laleham’s Alton site, RS Industria solutions engineers proposed a series of recommendations that would allow Laleham to monitor water and electricity consumption and identify where they are using high volumes of energy.

In turn, increased visibility would allow for adjustments where usage wasn’t necessary, such as weekends or during shutdowns, while greater insight into usage across different days and weeks could show trends and enable the customer to make changes accordingly. 

Laleham Engineer (1)

The Outcome

To provide a clear display of consumption for each unit, an energy metering device was installed on the mains incomer and area sub-locations.

The results were immediate and significant. Insight from RS Industria revealed consumption was averaging 38627kw/week, at a cost of £2704. Being able to track consumption meant the customer could identify where to cut usage, resulting in a 18% decrease within a week. If the trend continues, Laleham could drive down its annual electricity bill by £30,000.

Following the initial success of its energy monitoring application, RS Industria is now providing real-time water monitoring, with the installation of an Ultrasonic Clamp On water meter on the mains tower water supply. 

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"Using RS Industria has allowed us to view our real time energy consumption and drive improvement using very basic initiatives and routines, without any investment outside of the platform itself, purely by having visibility and allowing us to answer the question “is what we are doing making a difference?”

Neil Pratt, Engineering Manager

The Lessons 

Leveraging data and getting closer to consumption enables the immediate implementation of changes that can drive down costs and usage to benefit business and, crucially, the environment.

Next Steps

The customer is now analysing initial results gleaned from water monitoring, with the data used as a subsequent lever to drive changes in practices and consumption.

Alongside its use in energy efficiency programmes, RS Industria is employed by a range of customers to monitor the performance of operational assets. By delivering insight into the true condition of critical machinery, customers can reduce downtime and extend the lifespan of assets while informing a more precise maintenance strategy.

It is an approach Laleham has already introduced across key assets, including its filling lines and mixing vessels. A project team is now in place, working with RS Industria engineers to monitor machine reliability and performance, with insight being used to save time and money and boost uptime. 

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