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Early Warning saves HighSpeed filler from Catastrophic
Bearing Failure.

Prevented Catastrophic FailureRS Industria - Icons_R2_RS_Alert


Pre-emptive Sourcing of Components
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Avoided Secondary Damage


Early Warning Enabled Planned ResponseRS Industria - Icons_R2_RS_Worker

The Customer

Histon Preserves - part of the Hain Daniels Group

Histon Preserves, based in Histon Cambridgeshire, are part of the Hain Daniels group. There has been a preserves manufacturing operation at this site -
originally using fruit from local orchards – for over one hundred years. They currently make a range of marmalades and jams, including some famous brands.





The Problem. 

Protection of a critical asset: Rotary Filler

Filler’s power transmission boxes are critical components but difficult to maintain:

  • Sealed for life
  • internal inspection not possible
  • No lubricant level sight-glasses
  • External inspection difficult
  • Food debris corrodes casing
  • High-pressure cleaning causes water ingress



The Solution.

Fixed Vibration Sensors & Process Control Data

  • Monitor both right-angled power transmission boxes
  • Process control data integrated to establish vibration baseline for normal operations
  • Alerts triggered when vibration exceeds normal levels
  • “Stratified Analysis” of vibration data enables separate monitoring of:
    • Asset Stability
    • Lubrication Failure
    • Bearing Wear

The Data.

Continuous monitoring enables early-warnings

Once the system was installed, commissioned and connected to the core online RS Industria application, vibration levels were baselined within the context of the process control data, enabling us to set up vibration limits and automated alerts.



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