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About Us

Experience You Can Trust

RS Industria is part of RS Group, a FTSE100 company and leading provider of worldwide omni-channel solutions.

With over 80 years’ experience delivering component supply services and solutions, we’re the partner of choice for tens of thousands of industrial clients around the world.

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

RS Industria is underpinned by first-hand knowledge of your sector. With decades of experience working with industrial clients across the globe, we understand your unique challenges – but we’re also a company that is built by engineers, for engineers. RS’ people include an expert team who have worked extensively across a wealth of manufacturing industries, allowing us to deliver solutions and support with unparalleled and embedded understanding.

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Start Simple, Grow Smart

RS Industria is a modular system. This means that assets and production lines can be added as and when required - with known, predictable costs.

Our advice is to always start with a simple project that will deliver well-defined benefits, in a short timescale. This initial project will create the core data platform into which further assets can be integrated.

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Complete Technical Expertise

We understand how busy you are with day-to-day operations, which is why we’re here to relieve the pressure of rolling out new software. Our experts will take care of the whole process, delivering the benefits quicker and more cost-effectively than your in-house team working alone.

Our specialist ‘Connect’ team has expertise in automation systems, signal processing, data networks and cyber-security. We can rapidly design, install and commission a network that integrates data from multiple assets, process control, SCADA systems and external sensors.

The result? Your data can safely flow in days, rather than weeks.

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Ongoing Customer Success

To help you get the most from the RS Industria platform, our devoted customer success team are on hand to provide tailored support, exactly when and how you need it. From business reviews to project management and user training to data analysis, we’ll make sure you stay on track to achieve the potential of your smart factory, while always maximising the power of your solution.

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Cyber Security

You can rest assured that your company's information is safe with us. Our equipment has undergone rigorous third-party testing to make sure it can’t be hacked or penetrated by outside forces, preventing any attempt to access the onsite network and download malware.

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