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Customer Success

Our focus is on practical real-world solutions that can be rapidly implemented

Our dedicated customer success team is committed to working alongside you to help get the maximum value out of our platform. From business reviews to project management and user training, the team provides personalised support to ensure customers are achieving their goals.


Sophia Claypole

Customer Success Manager

Sophia has extensive experience in Customer Success and Project Management within the wider RS Group organisation and she brings these skills to RS Industria. Once a customer site has been commissioned, the Customer Success Team provide the ongoing support and inspiration that ensures the service continues to deliver value to help their business become more efficient, cost effective and resilient through data insight.

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Natalie Wilmott

Customer Success Executive

Natalie has many years’ experience working within the RS Group, most recently as the Customer Services manager within our Engineering Services business. Natalie has a wealth of practical project management knowledge and is committed to ensuring that our customers get the most out of RS Industria by focussing on delivering a seamless onboarding experience, both during the onboarding process and as our customers transition into ongoing support.

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Your Journey

We recognise that gathering data alone is not enough and believe the key to delivering ongoing value is our customer success team. Widely praised by all our current customers, this team performs a number of key support functions:

Business Reviews

Business reviews are usually held quarterly and are designed to resolve any queries that users may have with the system or data readings. The team also seek to understand how the system is being used and offer suggestions to improve the value of the existing modules. Additionally, the team identifies opportunities for further customer benefit by expanding the system to other assets or processes.

Project Management

The project management service is focused on achieving a speedy installation by coordinating the relevant information, hardware, and personnel between the customer and RS Industria. The team understands that customers often have live and immediate production issues to deal with, so they work efficiently to minimise downtime.

User Training

User training is critical to ensure personnel understand how to use the system and fully understand the source and context of the data they will be interacting with. RS Industria provides a training session for the initial installation, delivered virtually by live presenters. Subsequent new users are usually trained via the online Knowledge Base or with a separate virtual training session.


The onboarding process is a crucial part of our customer success strategy. During onboarding, the customer success team works closely with new customers to ensure they fully understand the platform's capabilities and benefits and are fully equipped to make the most of the solution. We’ll help you to identify areas for improvement and how to optimise the solution to meet specific needs and goals. This ensures that customers can realise the full potential of the platform from the outset, leading to faster time-to-value and greater ROI.

As industrial data solutions often involve sensitive data, the team provides guidance and support to ensure that customers' solutions are secure and compliant with data privacy regulations. This reduces the risk of any potential data breaches or security incidents.

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Ongoing Value

The customer success team is dedicated to ensuring that customers quickly realise the value of the platform, leading to faster time-to-value and a greater return on investment. By working closely with customers to understand their needs and goals, the team provides personalised support that enhances the value of the platform.

In addition to delivering fast results, the customer success team helps customers continuously improve their RS Industria deployment. They identify areas for improvement and support customers in implementing changes and expansions as needed. This ensures that the solution remains relevant and effective over time, and helps customers to maximise the ongoing value of their investment.

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