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Predictive Maintenance

Using RS Industria to monitor and collect data from your factory assets, enables you to quickly detect defects or anomalies before they result in failure.

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

RS Industria specialises in using real-time data to predict breakdowns before they happen.

Using sensors on your key assets we can collect data on areas such as vibration, lubrication, liquid flow, torque and temperature.  We then visualise the data collected from your assets in one central location. 

Anomalies in the data collected can then trigger alerts to allow you to plan scheduled maintenance around your factory schedules and your production line targets.

Factory operator performing predictive maintenance asset data analysis on a tablet.

Transforming your maintenance strategy

Adopting a predictive maintenance strategy in your factory using the RS Industria Industrial data platform will quickly enable you to: 

  • Minimize the hours spent on maintenance by focusing on the assets that need it
  • Reduce the time a production line is stopped, by removing unnecessary maintenance
  • Lower the costs of spare parts and labour 

Case Study

Connecting RS Industria to the variable speed conveyor drives revealed periods of very high load and stress. This insight enabled engineers to modify each of the drives' operational profiles and optimise their maintenance - significantly prolonging the machine's life.

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Parcel Sorter Case Study



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If you're looking to implement a predictive maintenance strategy, RS Industria is here to help. Let us provide you with the visibility you need to take your operations to the next level.


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