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Guide to IIoT: IIoT Made Simple

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Reviewing Data
“At its simplest level, IIoT revolves around how machines interact with each other and how we know what’s going on within those machines through data. It’s about extracting better data, not big data.”

— Richard Jeffers, Director for Industrial Solutions at RS Components.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a concept that’s been around for over a decade and yet it’s still shrouded in mystery, complexity and “technobabble”.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

By nature, IIoT exists to help you. The primary goal of IoT is to enhance efficiency, convenience, and automation throughout our lives – be it in our homes or industries. But unfortunately, terms such as ‘factory of the future’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘digital transformation’ often puts a barrier between this utile technology and those who could benefit from it.

This is why discussions around IIoT can sometimes feel like drowning in jargon. Wading through the terminology makes it seem radical, expensive, and ultimately too complex to be accessible. After all, how can you implement what you don’t understand?

The confusion stops here. With this guide, we’ll help you to simplify the world of IIoT – and expose exactly how it can help you.

IIoT is more than data dissection. Sure, that’s what the technology ‘does’ – but that isn’t what it does for you.

When it’s used in the right way, IIoT will help you to reduce the production losses that keep you awake at night.

High energy costs, high emissions, amount of waste, unplanned downtime, production yield… these are all worries that the right data can help to alleviate. You just need to know how to access and use it!

IIoT technology is the key to unlocking hidden, but incredibly useful, data insights.

The right IIoT solution will offer a quick, simple, and affordable way to access those insights. You’ll then be equipped to make vital decisions that reduce production headaches.

Your journey to incredible data discovery starts here.

We’ll guide you by explaining…

  • Where the largely untapped data in your factory is located.
  • How IIoT technologies unlock the value of operating data.
  • How extracting the right data enables better decisions to be made (and that it only takes a little data to go a long way).
  • The process of building your own IIoT platform - and the depth of skill, investment and time required to achieve it.
  • The “Build vs Buy” comparison, so you can see what would work for you.
  • How three companies implemented IIoT, as well as how practical day-to-day problems were solved, and the benefits gained.
  • How use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is enabling predictive maintenance to come of age.
  • How cybersecurity will prevent hacking of your IIoT solution.
  • How older assets can be blended with a new IIoT platform.

Before you know it, you’ll uncover how best to implement IIoT in your own factory – as well as understanding how IIoT can deliver enhanced asset reliability, operational performance and even sustainability.

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