- Case Study -

Early Warnings Protect
Critical Filling Line
from Failure.







The Customer

Refresco Group

Refresco Group are the world’s largest independent bottler. In the UK, they are a leading contract packer and drinks producer with six production sites.

The Location

Bondgate, Pontefract

Product Type

Soft Drinks

Brands Packaged Include:

  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
  • Del Monte
  • Ocean Spray

Refresco Employees SQR aspect (from website)Refresco Logo


The Problem. 

Protection of a critical asset: Filler & Can Seamer

  • New filler’s warranty period expiring
  • Responsibility now lies with in-house maintenance team
  • Desired a higher level of protection for this new, critical and expensive asset

Filler infographic



Filler - Sensor Locations Drwg


The Solution.

Fixed Vibration Sensors & Process Control Data

  • Monitor all main failure modes of the rotating components - 14 sensors in total
  • Process control data integrated to establish vibration baseline for normal operations
  • Alerts triggered when vibration exceeds normal levels
  • Created an online ‘Asset Dashboard’ to display all the monitoring data in one place


“It went rather smoothly: we didn’t have any major issues...the whole process was easy ”

Karl Hewes—Control Systems Engineer—Refresco Bondgate


The Data. 

Impact of lubrication blockage clearly seen in the data

Alerts automatically triggered when vibration began to rise

Rapid response avoided filler bearing failure

Filler Vibration Profile Cropped - Bearing Lubrication Failure - Refresco 2021


The Benefits.

Catastrophic Failure Avoided

Within weeks, the system detected abnormal vibration levels on two main ring bearing sensors

Alerts triggered within minutes

Line shut down and investigation revealed:

  • Main ring bearing was being starved of lubrication
  • Cause was a blocked grease line
Rapidly detecting this problem avoided:
  • Irreparable damage to a critical component
  • £40,000 for replacement parts
  • £60,000 of labour cost
  • Days of lost production worth £000’s

Filler - Alerts Infographic


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