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Delivering Insights.

Solved unknown root-cause of high-wear problem


Enabled real-time understanding of asset


Asset now managed to minimise wear & downtime


The Customer

Major Logistics Provider

Long-established Household name, with 15 regional sorting centres. 



The Problem. 

Main Parcel Sorter frequent breakdowns:

  • Complex unit used to grade parcels by weight & volume
    • 11 Conveyors
    • 5 Sorting lanes
  • Gearbox & conveyor bearings showing excessive wear
  • Frequent replacement long before expected service life
  • High levels of metallic contamination in lubricant
  • Frequent oil changes required





The Solution.

Continuous Monitoring of Drives & Gearboxes

  • Variable Speed Drive data to monitor Current, Voltage & Torque
  • Process control data to understand operating patterns
  • Analysis of drive behaviour for each conveyor using cloud-based Dashboards

The Benefits.

Dynamic Asset Maintenance programme:

  •  Reprogrammed drive profiles reduce bearing wear
  • Dynamically refined operating procedures maximise machine life
  • New specification lubricants more cost-effective
  • Continuous monitoring enables proactive parts replacement
  • Asset life significantly extended



The Analysis.

Parcel Sorter operating outside of Specifications

  • Conveyor drives were peaking at 180% of rated capacity
    • Over-speeding & reducing torque
  • Ramping speed of drives was 2X design speed
    • Creating shock-loads within gearboxes

Root Cause:

  • Drives had been historically reprogrammed to deliver twice the power in same time
  • Original objective to double sorter capacity

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